Speaking Engagement

Dr. Ross is available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics to meet your needs. Brad uses his learning from the Manefay to talk about different aspects of the gigantic failure. Manefay talks can range from inspirational stories of leadership and innovation to more technical topics such as the causes of the Manefay slide. These talks are not only interesting and fun because of the size and scale of the Manefay, they also deliver real life learnings that that motivate the audience to apply to their own situation.

In addition to the Manefay learnings, Brad can also provide talks about many different subject areas from his many experiences and areas of expertise. Following are some examples of topics that can be presented:

    Manefay Landslide Talks

  • Leadership in Crisis Situations
  • Safety During and After the Crisis
  • Building a Culture Without the Crisis
  • Fast Paced Innovation
  • Why the Manefay Failed

    Artisanal Mining Talks

  • Artisanal Mining in Namibia – Land of Natural Wonders
  • Artisanal Mining and the Cycle of Poverty

    Compatible Mining

  • Stakeholders and Outrage
  • Water and Mining in Arizona

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Dr. Ross provides world class consulting based on his extensive and varied background. This background includes leading technical, operational and interdisciplinary teams at some of the largest mines in the world. Brad has managed the planning for multibillion dollar projects and has experience with a variety of products that include copper, uranium and coal. In addition, Brad was the key technical experts for one the largest insurance claims in mining history and has provided strategic counsel to some of the key leaders in the mining industry. Following are some of the consulting services offered:

  • Independent Review and Auditing
  • Geotechnical Issues and Processes
  • Planning of Major Projects
  • Capabilities of Technical Departments
  • Operational Performance and Culture
  • Advise on Strategic Issues
  • Expert Witness for Insurance Claims

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Dr. Ross is passionate about is helping people make the most for themselves, which is why he teaches at the University of Arizona. During his career, he has coached and mentored many professionals to make the most of their skills, experience and interests to help the fulfill their potential. Brad does this by working with his client to understand the values that drive them and based on those values to build goals and plans which are then implemented. By going through this process the client is challenged to think more strategically about doing what is truly important, building networks and asking for help to accomplish their goals.

Contact Brad if you or if you have a high potential employee who could benefit from a high level coaching or mentoring.