Welcome to the Rise to the Occasion blog. The purpose of this blog is to discuss how individuals and organizations can rise to the occasion through leadership, innovation and teamwork to manage crisis situations or make a difference in day to day operations.

Although the genesis of this blog is the largest landslide in mining history, the Manefay slide, that happened at the gigantic Bingham Canyon Mine near Salt Lake City in April of 2013 – it is applicable to anyone that must deal with risk or needs to improve the performance of an organization. The premise is that we can all learn from stories of crisis without having to experience the crisis. These learnings might what not to do, but more importantly they should focus on what went well.

I hope that by reading some of the examples of what was done in difficult situations not only helps you in preparing for or managing your own crisis, but you will find leadership, management and technical methods to help you in any situation.  Please consider sharing your experiences of what you or your organization has done to rise to the occasion to prevent catastrophe, save lives, or just improve your team or organization. By sharing stories with each other perhaps we can all learn lessons not written in blood or experiencing crisis situations.

Thanks – and welcome to Rise To The Occasion!