• Gary Goldberg“As someone who began his career at Bingham and having now spent 35 years in the mining industry, I found the “lessons learned” sections to be invaluable and I look forward to being able to share this book and the insights you have gained with my team at Newmont Mining.”

      Gary J. Goldberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, Newmont Mining

    • Mary Poulton“Dr. Ross has not only thoroughly documented the Manefay failure but more importantly has focused on the human side – how everyone came together before, during, and after the failure to manage the event with no injuries or loss of life and to get the mine back in production in record time. His book will be a must-read for everyone in the mining business as well as anyone who wants to learn about crisis management. The lessons learned section of every chapter provides messages that are applicable in a wide variety of situations in mining and any other business.”

      Dr. Mary M. Poulton, University of Arizona Distinguished Professor,
      Director of the Lowell Institute of Mineral Resources

    • Bingham Canyon“Rise to the Occasion” is a detailed chronicle of the events surrounding the largest open pit mine slope failure in history.  Brad Ross had done an excellent job of telling this important story in an engaging narrative that brings the event and the Herculean, and ultimately successful, recovery effort, into the light.  It is a truism that we learn more from our failures than our successes, but all too often we bury the lessons learned under a cloak of secrecy in an effort to protect a competitive advantage or avoid scrutiny.  Ross, Kennecott and Rio Tinto are to be congratulated for showing leadership by showcasing the Manefay failure in this interesting and exceptionally well documented account.”

      Mark Hawley, President, Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
      and Bingham Canyon MTRT Member

“The magnitude of the high wall failure at the Bingham Canyon mine shocked and awed not only the global mining community but the entire non-mining community in the Salt Lake valley. The tremors felt and recorded during the landslides were one thing but the potential job loss and economic impact sent shivers throughout the State of Utah. Brad Ross has written an engaging story of the events leading up to the slide, the slide chronology and even more importantly the post slide recovery period. What Brad has written is more a modern mining management book than a technical treatise on slope stability. Brad focuses on safety practices, team based project management and how success in the face of impossible odds comes from enlightened leadership and the enabling of emerging talent. This book should be required reading for all mining managers and especially the emerging generation of leaders.”

Gregory H. Boyce, former Executive Chairman of Peabody Energy and member of the Boards of Directors of Newmont, Marathon Oil Corporation and Monsanto Company